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Posted on February 1, 2011 at 12:24 PM

January is behind us, and its already starting to get lighter , plants are starting to spring back to life, and there are even the odd plants in flower like witch hazel and hardy Cyclamen coum which I find very up lifting at this time ,when it is still cold and though getting lighter still long evenings, the sun has been out , the last few days try to get out in to the garden even if it just a few minutes to see the changes for yourself new buds are coming on many plants, herbaceous perennials showing there brave new heads above ground while some of the bulb are already in flower ,I have seen daffodils’ already in flower in the village, there bright golden heads glistering in the winter sun ,there’s still tidying up to be done ,and greenhouses to be washed its best to do this early as when spring comes there near seems enough time for all the jobs also its easier to do when there are more empty ,clean any flower pots from last year if you are planning to reuse them this year , but if do only one thing then try to get out in the garden and enjoy some winter sun.Every Tuesday

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